JSI Plasta Post Systems

U.S. patent No. 5 7 2 0 1 3 4



An environmentally friendly, long lasting alternative to using treated poles for pole sheds, decks, mini-storage units, or cabins.

The Plasta Post by JSI is a patented post system made of solid recycled plastic which is placed in the ground. Untreated 2×6 lumber is then bolted on top to form a pole or column (home sawn lumber can be used, if desired).

This revolutionary product should outlast anything on the market without leaching harmful material into the ground water, or wicking water up into the wood.

Environmentally friendly, JSI’s Plasta Post System saves forest products, uses recycled plastics, and allows buildings to be easily unbolted and moved.

Can be bolted or nailed if predrilled.

Building can be unbolted and moved, and the Plasta Post reused.

Can use home sawn lumber.

Horses and pigs do not destroy this material.

Should outlast treated poles.

Eliminates the leaching of harmful materials into the ground.