JSI Extenda Boom Loader

U.S. patent No. 6 8 2 1 0 8 1 B 1  and U.S. patent No. 7 1 2 8 5 1 7 B 1

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Dumping in a tandem axle truck. I couldn’t reach the side of it before I reworked the boom.


The JSI Extenda Boom Loader continuously rotates forward as it is being raised. Most other booms have a vertical lift path, and the older booms even rotate back toward the machine after they get so high. If the JSI loader were used on larger machines or farm tractors, it would have even more reach up and forward.

The counter weight can be adjusted so it swings out sooner to keep the machine balanced if need be. Shock absorbers can also be added to the counter weight to keep it from swinging freely.

Another feature is the much better dumping angle. You don’t have to shake the material off the bucket.


Before I reworked this loader, it would only reach seven feet high where the pins attach to the bucket. Now it raises ten feet up and extends five feet out in front of the machine. This allows you to dump the load on the far side of the truck without having to push the previous load over.

With this loader you have the best of both worlds – more reach when up, and short and compact when down for working in tight quarters.


This boom is mounted on an old 1830 Case Skid Steer that has a 36 inch wheel base and, as you can see, with the boom down, it is at its original length which makes it easy to maneuver in tight quarters.

After I reworked it, the cylinders stand vertical which increases the lifting capacity.