Cattle Wasteless Hay Feeder

JSI Waste Less Cattle Feeder

Introducing the all new Patented JSI Waste Less Cattle Feeder developed by Bill Kurtz who also brought you the award-winning JSI Waste Less Horse Hay Feeder that recorded the least waste of nine feeders evaluated at the 2010, U of M feeders evaluations.

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We also offer Large Square Bail Wasteless Hay Feeders!

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Cattle tend to be able to put their heads through smaller openings than they can back out of. This belting allows us to have wider openings but still maintain a narrow opening to help contain the hay.  As they put their head in the feeder, the belts bend in along side of their necks, and as they back out, the belts flip inward wiping excess hay off their mouths. This feeder is proving to reduce waste just like the other Waste Less feeder.

  • This application should also help prevent calves from getting in the feeders.mud-text
  • They come unpainted with the option to have them painted.
  • Built to last with 11 gauge tubing and 14 gauge skirting is used
  • Replacement belts are available.

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