JSI Mass Transit Concept

JSI Mass Transit Note, this is only a prototype.

The Minnesota Inventors Congress chooses five inventions to take to an expo in Bang-KoK Thailand where we received a Bronze Medallion for our Mass Transit Concept.


What is the problem?

Traffic congestion from too many people wanting to commute too far and  not car pooling.

The solution:

This would be an enclosed system which would use rail cars to transport people with their vehicles. The rail cars could be powered in several ways such as magnetic levitation, electric motors, or hydrogen power. (My wind/solar system could provide a portion of the electricity or possible hydrogen power) The rail cars could travel in groups of three or four with loading exits every twelve or fifteen miles. Shuttle buses could also be used to transport people to and from the mass transit system. You drive your vehicle into the system, program in your destination, and the system will take you there with your car!

This system would also collect energy in several ways and would have unique features. The bottom would be below the frost level and the top would be slightly above ground with a dirt berm on each side. The top would be transparent which could be used to collect solar power. Heat from surrounding hard surface roads could also be turned into energy to power the system. Smaller vehicles would be used to allow more cars to park in parking lots. Because the system is enclosed, it would eliminate snow removal, sanding, and frost heaves. It would improve the environment and conserve fuel.

It would move masses of people with their vehicles. They would have the independence of having their vehicle to get to the mass transit system, and still have it when they get to their destination. A lot of fuel would be saved. Pollution would be reduced from not having all those cars on the road. Very little maintenance would be required with the magnetic levitation system because you are moving suspended at high speeds.

I had no intention of patenting this. I put it out there for food for thought several years ago with the vision that some day we would need it, and its time has come!

My intention was to dedicate it in memory of our Veterans or give it to anyone (or country) who would develop it as my contribution to society.  I would also like to see our disabled veterans world wide be involved in the development and operation of this to create self-esteem and generate some revenue for their retirement.